Screencast-o-Matic – Record your Screen and Voice Online for Free

Screencast-o-Matic is a free screen recording tool that operates online. The website does not require you to register or download software. You can record with sound up to ten minutes and upload your video directly to your YouTube/ Screencast-o-Matic account or download it to your desktop.

Start recording your own videos online at Screencast-o-Matic’s official website.

Screencast-o-Matic (SoM) is a Java based program and provides HD quality video recording of what you do on your screen. If you have ever seen a video tutorial of how to install a program or get rid of a virus then this is a program that allows you to do just that. There is no limit to what SoM captures on your screen. You can tab to you video game and record you playing it live or even record a DVD movie you are watching.

Features of Screencast-o-Matic

  • 7 different screen ratios available for recording. This includes up to 720p HD recording for YouTube.
  • Detects default Microphone by itself and shows voice recording on screen.
  • Voice is recorded at the same time the video is recorded. No option to record voice over the video afterwards.
  • Pause the recording at any time. Review video up till recorded point instantly.
  • Continue recording or overwrite a section of the video if needed.
  • Toggle option to have a halo around the mouse and show mouse clicks.
  • Restart button to start from scratch.
  • Option to exclude voice recording from video.
  • Available both for Mac and PC.

Make sure to check out the video tutorial for Screencast-o-Matic by clicking here.

Video Record your Screen with Sound

Downloading and Uploading after finishing recording your video is a simple task as well. The website provides plenty of features and they all work superbly. Downloaded videos are compatible with video editing software as well.

Upgrading to pro version allows you to record up to one hour for just $5 a month. This is optional and if you require up to an hour of recording I would recommend getting more powerful recording tools.


I have done extensive testing of this online tool. It works nearly perfect with only few problems arising that I will mention now.

  • If you want to record video game footage you need to run the game in windowed mode. Otherwise when the game loads full screen the video will freeze up but the sound and mouse will still move and stay to point. In windowed mode I was able to record games such as World of Warcraft, Oblivion, and Quake Live perfectly fine. There can be some lag in video play back when recording video games but might have to do with your computer performance.
  • Uploading long videos to either SoM or YouTube can take a while to encode. So be patient and make sure your browser does not crash or your laptop battery dies out on you.
  • If you close the browser you launched the recorder from while recording the video recording session will terminate and you will lose all your recording.

Verdict on Screencast-o-Matic

Screencast-o-Matic is a great online tool that makes screen recording available to the masses. It is a website worth bookmarking even if you don’t plan on using it anytime soon. You never know when recording your PC/Mac screen might come in handy. Even with the above mentioned problems this website is still going through constant revamping and many new additions should be available in the near future. I give this website an 8/10.

I would love to read your thoughts on Screencast-o-Matic and any tips you might have regarding screen recording. Don’t forget to comment and subscribe. Thanks for Reading!

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3 Responses to “Screencast-o-Matic – Record your Screen and Voice Online for Free”

  1. Jazz said:

    i really liked this new product that you found. i like coming here, just to see what new things i will find, being kind of technologically challenged myself. you seem to have a good insight into these things, and explain them in a way i can understand.

    my only question about the screen-o-matic is if it can record whatever i am doing, even if i go from one screen to another. i wasn’t exactly sure if minimizing one screen and opening another would allow me to keep recording or if i would need to pause recording to stop the video from being lost.

    thanks again

  2. Saurabh Vaish said:

    @ Jazz
    Hey, thanks for stopping by. In regards to your question, everything that happens on your screen is recorded. This means you can minimize, open new windows, even chat on your instant messenger without disrupting the video recording.

    The only way to end the video recording is to hit alt-P or manually hit the pause button on the recording screen. Or you can cancel the video recording by closing the tab that says please don’t close until you are done recording.

    I hope this answered your question. Make sure to go try out the website yourself.

  3. Nam said:

    I can upload to YouTube now :)

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