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Worlds Nuclear Weapons

This is a clever inventory & graph of how some of the world’s nuclear weapons are being stored by the various countries. The information is provided by Mozy (a company that provides computer & data back up solutions).

Although the overall nuclear footprint shows a drastic decline, the countries that still harbor the majority of the weapon are Russia, USA & France. The Asian subcontinent seems to have the largest concentration of nuclear weapons between erstwhile Russia, China, Pakistan & India.

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Create Music DJ Playlists from BPM & Song Frequency – Download GJay Music Software Free

GJay is a free Music DJ playlist maker for amateur DJs. Unlike other random playlist creators, this free music DJ software analyzes the BPM & the frequency of each of the audio files to create a playlist of songs of similar tempo.

GJay analyzes the music files in a background batch process & converts the audio files into raw data. This decompression of audio files provides a very accurate understanding of its tempo & the audio frequency causing a very accurate playlist of songs of similar mood.

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Download Free Music & Videos from 16 MP3 Search Engines – Download Songr Free Music Software

Songr is a free music software that could search for music, songs, lyrics on 16 different MP3 search engines & download your favorite songs & videos. This free desktop music software aggregates search results from the popular music search engines & lets you download or play the selected songs automatically.

In addition to music, songs and lyrics, Songr can also download HQ & HD videos from YouTube & extract audio tracks as MP3 files.

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Play Piano with Computer Keyboard – Download Electronic Piano Music Software

Free Electronic Piano is a music software that instantly turns your computer keyboard into a piano. Electronic Piano emulates an electronic musical keyboard on your computer, using each keystroke of your PC keyboard to produce a different musical sound.

This free piano software supports a wide range of different music sound styles like any other physical keyboard or synthesizer like the notes of a guitar, trumpet, bass, organ, harmonica, violin, cello etc.

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